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Drumming into Stillness


We use drums, hand percussion, voice, and movement to stoke the fire of non-verbal communication and all that arises in relationship. Then we explore what happens on the other side in stillness.

There are a range of evidence based benefits that group musical play and mindfulness share in common. Both promote wellbeing for a wide range of populations from children to older adults. This program can easily be customized for people with physical or cognitive challenges, those in recovery, corporate teams and groups, and diversity/inclusion and engagement initiatives.


Both Mindfulness and group rhythm programs are know to:

  • Elevate and regulate mood

  • Reduce stress

  • Foster sensory awareness

  • Improve immunity

  • Inspire creative expression and collaboration

  • Build neuroplasticity

  • Increase relational awareness

  • Reduce feelings of isolation

  • Diversity +Unity in a common song

No musical talent or prior experience in drumming or meditation required. All Instruments are provided.

This is a great program for groups or individuals who are wanting to experience a more active inroad into formal mindfulness practice.  


Marilyn is trained to deliver the following Drumming for Wellness programs in addition to Drumming Into Stillness™:

  • Remo Health Rhythms

  • Beat The Odds 

  • Healing Drum Program 

  • Memory and Mobility: Enhancing Quality of Life 

  • Customized programs to celebrate life transitions- weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, wellness retreats- or anything you can imagine or desire!

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